Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our First Day of Homeschool Pre-K !!

Our first day started a little earlier than I 5 hours earlier when Hendrix crawled into bed with us because he was sick. My sweet boy who had been so excited the night before was now a throwing up boy. :(   When he finally woke up at 9:15am he had ZERO energy and literally laid as still as a statue on the couch for a few hours. Poor guy. When he finally got off the couch he insisted that we still "do school" even after Mommy explained we could start tomorrow since he was sick. He was having none of we began. (sorry for the squished pictures, still trying to figure out blogger pic sizing)

Hadley's "Tot School" Pictures

Not quite sure why this one looks squished.

Not the Pre-K picture I was hoping for. Poor baby.

Here is a look at our newly redone (although not yet finished) School/Play Room. I love it.

Our "What I'm Learning" Board. Part calendar wall, part curriculum from

Ahhh, my love for school supplies.

The dress up shelves.

Homemade dry erase board.

Homemade magnet board.

My sick boy having a meltdown because I took books from his room to display in the school room.

Sweet Hadley girl took it upon herself to do a puzzle.

Our letter of the week is Ll. Hadley enjoyed playing with the limes.

Hendrix decided he wanted to do school, but sitting up was out of the question. Ok, I can deal with that.

Checking out his school supplies.

After doing our alphabet walk and learning board, we started on our work boxes. First up, the name box.

Hendrix putting together his name puzzle.

Hadley doing her "writing."

Work box #2, Ll is for leaf, matching game.

Hadley taking a turn while Hendrix saves what little energy he has.

Box #3 was the Dr. Suess' ABC book. After we read it the kids drew something that started with the letter Ll.

Hendrix chose Ll is for lollipop. He then asked if I would take a picture and send to Daddy and ask Daddy to bring lollipops home for him. Daddy obliged.

Mommy drew Hadley a lion and she (somewhat) colored.

Hendrix said "Mommy looked I put them in order like the rainbow." :) proud :)

Box #4 was capital letter/ lowercase letter match. He had to read the capital letter and put the clothespin on the matching lower case letter.

Box #5-cutting. My boy excels at anything that involves a ball, but when it comes to fine motor skills, we have some work to do.

Don't let this smile fool you. There were tears. Many tears.

Not sure what this meltdown was about, but I just chalked it up to him not feeling well.  :(
Box #6 was a Ll is for leaf memory game.

Winning always puts a smile on his face.

For having a sick boy, I'd say our first day went fantastic. Day 2 and 3 were wonderful also. More pictures to come.

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