Tuesday, November 18, 2008

30 weeks

Well actually tomorrow will be 30 weeks. WOW 30 weeks, where did the time go? I can't believe that sometime in the next 10 weeks I will have a baby boy to care for!!

We went to the regular doctor today, and did the regular stuff. Pee in a cup, check weight (she says I'm doing good there), blood pressure (still great), listen to Hendrix beating heart (148) and measure my uterus (30 exactly)....then she asked why I hadn't made the appt with the dietician yet since I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I told her I had declined, and she nicely, kindly, told me I didn't have a choice unless I wanted to find a new doctor/group. Oops! So she made a note for the dietician to call me again. Sigh.

We also had the chance to go over our Birth Plan with her today, which went well. There were a few things that she told me aren't really negotiable, but they were minor things that I didn't mind compromising on. Overall, the birth plan conversation went well, especially since I have so many wishes about the birth.

Our next appt with her is in 3 weeks, and that will start going every 2 weeks. Until I hit 35 weeks, then I will be going every week!! AND...our next high risk dr appt is in 2 weeks. I'm hoping he will officially release us (even though I love the fact that I get to see Hendrix every time we go to the high risk)..if he doesn't then we might be going to HIM every 2 weeks as well. Gosh, I've been to the doctor more for this pregnancy than every other dr. visit in my entire life put together!!! This is just the beginning of the many things I will do for my son... :0)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

7 months!!

Oh I forgot to mention that today is 28 weeks, which mean 7 months! I can't figure out where the time went...WOAH I'm 7 MONTHS PREGNANT! Also, this week started my 3rd trimester...CRAZY!!

Waiting Game

Well I took my 3 hour glucose test this morning. Not as bad/boring as I thought it would be, thank goodness. Now I just have to wait for the results to come back. The 1 hr test results were back in 24 hrs so I will call tomorrow afternoon to see if the 3 hr results are back ...holding my breath...

We went back to the high risk doctor this afternoon. We had to see our dr. partner since our high risk was out of town. Appt lasted about 10 minutes (normally about 30) and all he said was "looks good, come back in 4 weeks"...so no real news to share. Oh and the u/s tech (who always does her thing first and then the dr does another u/s..she said "wow he's all over the place did you have a lot of caffeine today?" I said "nope thats just him lately, wiggly worm" Oh and she said that his head is WAYYYY down there (guess that's the position we're going for) which means the hard thing I feel above my belly button is his butt!!