Wednesday, December 31, 2008

36 Week Appointment

Wonderful appt. today!! I tested NEGATIVE (thank you Lord, ths was an answered prayer) for Group B Strep. Dr. looked at my glucose book and said my numbers were looking good (I was worried she would be super anal about them)...checked for dilation again, I made it a point to be as relaxed as possible and not fight it and it was SOOOOO much less painful this time- I'm still 1/2cm dilated (hey I'm only 36wks so not stressing). Since David and my mom are out of town (ski trip) I took my David's mom with me since I had a sonogram scheduled. I wanted her to be able to see Hendrix "in person". She loved it! He is measuring 5lbs 9oz which my Dr. said was good especially since I have gestational diabetes (don't want him too big) I think that's about it! I will scan his new pic in and post it later....I'm a bit worried b/c in the pic his nose looks HUGE!!!! Oh well. He'll still be the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

35 Week Appointment

Went to the dr. this morning for my 35week appt. She swabbed for strep b, results to be in at next week's appt. Basically if I have it (as 1 in 3 women do) then I will be given antibiotics during labor. She also checked me for dilation (OUCH!) and I was 1/2 cm dilated, which she said is right on with where I am (35wks) and nothing out of the ordinary (basically, don't get excited). Next week she will do a sonogram to measure Hendrix and make sure he's not getting too big too fast...and another dilation check..yay.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Makin' A List

No I'm not about to bust out into song...and it's not a Christmas list I'm's a food list. I'm about 3 weeks into this wonderful world of gestational diabetes and I've started making a list of everything I want to eat after Hendrix is born. Here are a few things on that list.

1. Chips and salsa-by the basket full...right now I have to count out how many chips I have b/c of 6 weeks, bring on the chips and salsa..on

2.AND CORN TORTILLAS...dang I may eat nothing but Mexican food for a week!

3. Sweet Tea...we're talking Chicken Express sweet tea-right now I drink unsweetened..ugh..

4. Cookie cake- from The Great American Cookie-with chocolate icing!!!

5. French fries and ranch dressing from Chili's...oh how I miss you french fries!

That's my top 5....sad isn't it? Don't get me wrong Hendrix IS worth it...but I'm still counting down the weeks! :0)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

33 week appt.

Had a normal appt today, nothing out of the ordinary. I go back in 2 weeks (35weeks) for my Strep B swab...not looking forward to THAT...and I start weekly appts after that. At my 36 week appt (in 3 weeks) they are going to do a sono to measure bones, head, and abdomen. Oh and she said that starting in 2 weeks (35 week) they would check for dilation every time...FUN STUFF! The only sucky part is that David is going on the yearly family ski trip and will miss the sonogram. Hmm..not feeling too sorry for him since he gets to go and I don't!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Praise the Lord!!

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant...8 approx. 8 weeks we will have our little boy in our arms!!!!

David and I went to the high risk doctor today, in hopes of being released from him, and able to go solely to our OB. We found out that Hendrix is approx. 3lbs11oz, is posterior (sunny side up) and is ALL boy, if you get my drift. The dr is looking, and looking, and looking..saying "I can't see anything... Merry Christmas, your gift is that you don't have to come hang out with me anymore, congratulations"!

Those words were like heavenly music to our ears. We couldn't stop smiling the entire way out of the office and by the time we reached the elevators I couldn't help but tearing up. Our little boy has been healed! No more abnormal lung tissue! God is SOOOO good, all the time.

Now we will only be going to our regular OB. We have an appt one week from today(33 weeks), then again in 2 weeks (35weeks), then EVERY WEEK after that!!! I can't stop smiling!